Summary of scrum
Scrum is a procedure that agile teams can familiarize quickly and use for achieve their aims and objectives. Each scrum step has enough details for plan, design, build, test and code; also help in tracking agile management team performance. The scrum process is simple and easy process to use. The main risk associated with scrum process is that, scrum focus on building components with less concern for the complete system. But this risk can be managed.
Scrum process has three primary roles
  • Product owner
  • Scrum master
  • Team members
Product owner
The product owner plays a primary role in scrum process, the product owner transfers the vision of product to development teams this include customers attention through requirement and prioritization.
Scrum master
The scrum master plays a vital role in scrum process; scrum master is a connection between the owner and the team. The scrum master dose not manage the team instead of that he helps the teams to achieve their aim by removing difficulties also scrum master insure that scrum process has been used.
Scrum teams
The main task of the team members is to do the project work. The scrum team normally comprise of software engineers, architects, analyst and testers. (Potter and Sakry: 2009)