What is Agile Project Management ?
It is a method or technique used in project delivery.

What industries tend to use this technique for Project delivery?
IT and manufacturing industries mainly. However, Agile management is breaking new ground.

Fresh,contemporary method of delivery Projects

why is Agile becoming popular in businesses?

Any new thing to discuss this week?
i can't wait to start.....
Today's planning game was very interesting. i realised how difficult it is for customers to get their ideas across to developers. Also, communication is the key. Failure on the part of customers to communicate well their ideas with developers will lead to a pre-concieved of ideas from developers of what they assume the customers' wants are.
Also, i realised XP is a set of practices that conform to the values and principles of Agile. XP is a discrete method, whereas Agile is just the classification. There are many Agile methods, XP is just one of them. Having said that, none of the other Agile methods are as well defined, or as broad in scope as XP.

The term XP predates the term Agile by several years. XP stands for Extreme Programming, and is a suite of practices, principles, and values invented by Kent Beck in the late ‘90s. Nowadays the principles and values are now gaining recognition in the IT and engineering world. Those practices are:The planning game,The whole Team, Acceptance Tests,Small realises etc