Lean development principles

The principle of lean development has been remarkably used to improve the quality and the productivity of projects. basically, this principle was introduced to software development in the last few years because it had been applied successfully in areas like banking,supply chain,manufacturing,engineering, bank office et cetera.the five principle came in existence from the toyota production system, which was two initially and were called just-In-Time and automation. the modern lean had to settle on the five(5) principle from toyota production system, which are:-
  • Value:This is defined by the customer. Able to know the values the customer will appreciate and the once that will not be appreciated by customer in order to get the value stream.
  • Value stream: Once the customer values in the product are been properly defined, then the value stream can be created that will show the levels required for the manufacturing of the product. which the levels will be classified into two, either value-added or non-value added or can also be called waste.
  • Flow: Make sure that the manufacturing levels are designed to flow continuously. Because the flow doesnt have to stop until the aim is achieved but if the value chain stops moving, this indicates that waste is occuring.
  • Pull: Pull is used to look back through the value stream and to make sure that no changes from the customer's value i.e producing something that is not required by the customer. if any, elimate most in-process inventory.
  • Perfection: it is achieved by continually notifying and deleting waste.Agile and lean application of Lean in software development can be done by adopting these approach.1. Coding. At the end of the day, if the program doesn't run and make moneyfor the client, you haven't done anything.2. Testing. write test that will test your software first before you even start writing the codes.3. Listening. listen to other people and incorporate the input into your work. people like clients - users,managers, and business people.4. Designing. You have to take what your program tells you about how itwants to be structured and feed it back into the program.


According to kelly waters (16August 2010) in order to have a good product is essence to adopt the seven principles lean software development and this lean principles came into existence as a result of lean manufacturing approach also know as "just-in-time production",pioneered by Toyota and started from a well known book by Tom and Mary Poppenieck. The seven principles as follows.
1. Eliminate waste : As a result that individual team might not know what waste is all about three major aspect of waste were defined by Japanese mada(meaning unproductive )mura (unevenness, inconsistency) and muri(over-burden, unreasonable).by knowing this processes each team in agile function well.
2.Build Quality In: Quality is very essential in any organisations and build quality in from the beginning is important in order to prevent unnecessary matters arising and this approach should be applicable in all aspect of development.
3.Create knowledge: Due to the fact tat knowledge is distinctive in an organisation each team should put it into consideration in decision making and following practice should be adopted which are code reviews,documentation and training.
4.Defer commitment:This is a process whereby each group needs to have a wide range of knowledge in regards to decision makings and their options should be make known to everybody at all point in time
5.Deliver fast: This a procedure whereby each team in agile management should work as one to achieve their goal.
6.Respect people:To achieve a better result each group should have a sense of belonging,respect one another, opportunity to air their views and their views should be considered.
7.Optimised the whole